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We Support Your Property Damage Claims in The Field

If you are an attorney with Property Damage Cases we are here to help you.  Property damage cases require constant interaction at the home or business of your client and you have more work in the office than you can already handle.  One call to 888-872-0780 and our highly trained field support professionals at USA DAMAGE RESPONSE TEAM can provide you full litigation support for your property damage cases.  We are your eyes, ears and feet in the field for property damage cases.

Below is just a short list of the items we can do in the field for your law firm:

  • Damage Inspections
  • Estimates
  • Appraisals
  • Field Coordination for Case Experts
  • Scheduling
  • Claim Evaluations
  • Disaster Team Coordination and Management
  • Concierge Services –
  • Document Retrieval
  • Field Representation with Insurance Adjuster
  • Field Representation with Experts
  • Source Plumbers
  • Source General Contractors
  • Source Emergency Remediation Services
  • Source Mitigation Services

USA Damage Response Team provides service from the beginning of a Property Damage Claim.  We provide detailed honest damage inspections that can help quickly identify and document damage to homes. We are able to help with any Insurance claim whether the property owner has filed the claim or not or was previously denied by the insurance company. We have experience in all insurance claims specializing in water damage claims that cover under insurance provisions for Hurricanes, hailtornadoesflooding, storms, pipes breaking, mold and cast-iron pipes.   We have a unique non-destructive method to identify the source of water damage, moisture damage and pipe damage in homes using state-of-the-art technology.  This damage is often covered by insurance if properly identified and documented in order for the property owner Logo-11to file a claim.

We developed this technique with the knowledge that many homes and businesses in Florida have pipes that are failing and people need help. The reality is pipe damage is inevitable for most homes built prior to 1975 with Cast Iron pipes.  We recognized that this will be a growing problem in the State of Florida due to the environmental conditions that speed up the decay of the cast iron pipes under peoples’ homes and businesses.

Because many of the problems are hidden the deterioration of the pipes lead to bigger problems both to the health of the individuals occupying the home or business and to the environment itself.  As sewage leaks into the ground, gases can release into the home or business causing illness to the people. In addition the broken pipes can cause backups that cause water damage to the property both seen and unseen that can lead to water damage, mold and other moisture issues.

USA Damage Response Team has assembled a top notch group of professionals to manage every aspect of a property damage claim.

  1. We go out to your client’s home or business to do a thorough inspection to search for potential damage and signs of damage that may have occurred due to the broken cast iron pipes, fire, hurricanes or other events
  2. We collect any documentation needed for the claim including the Insurance Policy any previous claim information, any repair information and any photos or video that the property owner may have.
  3. Depending on how Insurance responds to the claim we can provide you assistance with any of the following contractors to estimate the extent and cost of repairing the damage:
    • Plumbers
    • General Contractors
    • Water Remediation Specialist
    • Mold Removal Specialist
  4. We have a policy of integrity, honesty and open communication to keep you informed on the best way to approach your client’s claim for optimal success

We are your Eyes and Ears in the Field – We are there when you can’t be

Litigation Support For Property Damage Claims