Flood Damage

What To Do If Your Property is Damaged By Flood

What you should do if your home is flooded

Since 1968 the federal government enacted a law that set up the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide assistance to residents and commercial property owners who purchased a flood policy. Today, most all flood matters are covered by the private insurance carriers but these flood insurance plans are usually not part of your standard property insurance plan. All flood insurance policies are backed by the U.S. Government who will cover any losses of the private market carrier has paid out plus a service fee to the insurance company who serviced the flood loss claim.

There are many complex issues involved in the NFIP program in terms of filing a flood claim. The USA Damage Response Team is here to help you navigate these unique coverage issues.

If a flood has already damaged your property you will want to take the following steps:

  • If your home has been severely damaged, turn off your gas and electricity if you can safely do so. It’s possible that your power lines and gas lines may have sustained damage also. Let utility crews turn them back on when they determine it’s safe.
  • Don’t be in any hurry to go back into your home. There are many risks, from floors or ceilings giving way to live wires to gas leaks. Don’t go in if the gas and electricity haven’t been turned off, and don’t try to turn them back on yourself.
  • Call your Insurance Company and file a claim for your flood damage.  You will need the following information:
    • Date of Loss
    • Brief explanation of the damage that has occurred it is better to be very general here not specific about damage as you will need an expert to identify all the damage.
    • Notification if anyone was injured as a result of the flood

How USA Damage Response Team Can Help You with Your Flood Claim

As public adjusters who deal with flood issues on a regular basis, we review and help you understand your flood insurance policy and the scope of your coverage. If you have a flood loss to your insured property, you have 60 day to file a flood loss. This places pressure on the you to get all your damage documentation together in what can be a very limited amount of time. USA Damage Response Team puts together a comprehensive report of damage for you to present to your Insurance company.

USA Damage Response Team assigned adjuster will dedicate his/her time to your specific claim in detail so you receive everything you are entitled to for your flood claim.


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